46. Rally Košice will be decisive in the fight for rally champions titles

The 50th anniversary of the Auto Klub Košice existence will be celebrated by its representatives at the domestic 46. Rally Košice competition. It will take place on 15.-18. October 2020 as the last competition of the Slovak and Polish rally championships and will traditionally be included in the FIA Central European Zone Championship.


Despite the unfavorable period, the organizers from the Auto Klub Košice have decided not to cancel the competition, but will continue to work hard to prepare it. It is this exact rally that will help to ensure that even in this challenging season, the absolute champions of Slovakia and the champions of individual classes in the rally could be announced. In addition, the last competition day in the calendar is evaluated with a coefficient of 1.5, which can help many crews with their position.

The route of the rally is divided into nine special stages with the total length of 130.4 kilometers (Leg 1 64.2 km and Leg 2 66.2 km). On Saturday, the crews will race twice on the stages SS Herľany (12.8 km) and SS Bogota (19.3 km). The next day, Sunday, the track will include two passages of the semicircular SS Jahodná (23.6 km) and SS Sivec (7.0 km) and one passage of the SS Bankov (5.0 km). The crews of the Slovak Rally Cup will have their track shortened to 4 special stages - 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

All tracks are known from recent years of Rally Košice. Unfortunately, due to the current situation with coronavirus and wild swine plague, it was not possible to add new routes. The Polish co-organizer Automobilklub Rzeszowski, who will bring its crews of modern and historic vehicles to the Košice rally, agreed with the concept of the competition.

The time schedule will start on Wednesday, September 9 by allowing entries to the competition, while the deadline for the entries is set for October 8. Another important days will be Thursday and Friday, October 15.-16., when the reconnaissance, optional administrative and scrutineering and reconnaissance will begin. The service park will be open on Friday at 10 AM. The organizer prepared a shakedown for Saturday morning, followed by the ceremonial start of the competition at 1 PM. The schedule is designed so that the crews will not stay there for a long time and so that a large number of spectators will not cumulate there. At 1:40 PM will crew number 1 already start at the first SS Herľany.

We would like to draw attention to the location of individual centers, resp. service park, rally HQ, rally scrutineering or parc ferme. They all will be located in completely new premises. The hardest part was to find a suitable space for service park. It will be located at Pri prachárni 6 Street, on the parking lot in front of the new Košice football arena (opposite Shopping mall Cassovia). The competition headquarters will be nearby, on Rozvojova Street 2, in the Business Center Rozvojová. Parc ferme will be located in the parking lot in front of that same Business Center. The rally scrutineering will be completed by the competitors in the Moris Slovakia s.r.o. on the Alejova 4 street.

We will ask the competitors to read the Supplementary Regulations, as there are really many important facts and information in them, which will certainly be quite helpful for the successful completion of the 46th Rally Košice. Supplementary Regulations are available on the organizer's website kosice.rallye.sk. Entries are started at  www.sams-asn.sk

Zdenka Frývaldská
Tlačový tajomník 46. Rally Košice