Closing date for entries with reduced entry fees
 Date:                   03.10.2023, Tuesday,    24:00

Closing date for entries and ordering of Shakedown and facilities in Service
 Date:                   10.10.2023, Tuesday,    24:00

Publication of the Entry List and Scrutineering Schedule
 Place:                    Sportity
 Date:                  12.10.2023, Thursday

Road books and GPS units issuing, facultative Administrative check
 Place:                  Rally Headquarter
 Date and time:      20.10.2023, Friday,      18:00 - 20:30
                                21.10.2023, Saturday,
  07:00 - 09:00     

 Reconnaissance - according the time schedule described in the Appendix 2
 Start of the recce:   21.10.2023, Saturday,    07:00
 End of the recce:    22.10.2023, Saturday,    19:00                

Opening of the Service park
 Place:                     Medzi mostami 1, Košice
 Date and time:      21.10.2023, Saturday,      07:00             

Opening of the Press centre and media accreditation
 Place:                   Rally Headquarter, Press Centre
 Date and time:       21.10.2023, Saturday,     10:00  

Administrative check
 Place:                   Rally Headquarter, Rally Office 
 Date and time:        21.10.2023, Saturday,      09:30 - 16:00

Scrutineering - marking and sealing of mech. parts - according time schedule
 Place:                      TBA, Košice
 Date and time:         21.10.2023, Saturday,      10:00 – 17:00

Shakedown (optional, paid) 
 Place:                      Zlatník  (48°49´3´´N, 21°4´58´´E)
 Date and time:        21.10.2023, Saturday,        14:30 – 16:30

Closing date for co-driver details
 Date and time:         21.10.2023, Saturday,         16:00

1st Stewards meeting
 Place:                    Rally Headquarter, Stewards room
 Date and time:         21.10.2023, Saturday,         18:00         

Publication of the Amended Entry list and Start List
 Place:                    Official Notice Board
 Date and time:         21.10.2023, Saturday,       19:00

RL, ST and RRP drivers briefing
 Place:                       Rally Headquarter  
 Date and time:          21.10.2023, Saturday,        19:00

Start of rally (1st car)
 Place:                       TC 0, Starting podium, Medzi mostami 1, Košice
 Date and time:          22.10.2023, Sunday,          08:40   SRP: 12:36,    RRP:  13:00

Finish of the rally and Prize-giving ceremony
 Place:                     TC 6A, Medzi mostami 1, Košice;  SRP: 3C,   RRP: 2D
 Date and time:           22.10.2023, Sunday,       16:15    SRP: 17:16,   RRP:  15:50                         

Final check
 Place:                         TBA, Košice
 Date and time:           22.10.2023, Sunday, immediately after the finish

Publication of the Provisional Classifications
Place:                      Official Notice Board - Sportity
Date and time:            22.10.2023, Sunday,        18:00