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1971 - 1. rally started on May 8th. From the contemporary contest fans’ point of view this race consisted of „funny“ one special stage. At the beginning Rallye used to be run only as a local competition. Later with the growing level of its performance as the Championship of Slovakia. Although some teams from abroad usually participated in the race, the importance of this race never overpassed the borders of Slovakia. 

1982 - The competition became a part of the Czechoslovak Championship series. Well known teams appeared at the starting line - Škoda Mladá Boleslav, Barum, Agroteam Slušovice, Chemopetrol Litvínov, Stavba Praha. They showed their driving skills to the spectators in 20 special stages in Košice surroundings. Excellent drivers like Sedlař, Blahna, Sivik, Trajbold, Pavlík, Sibera, Křeček, Abrahám, Arazim were among regular contestants. Rallye itself gradually was gaining not only its name but the space in media as well. 

1994 - This rally represented a real breakthrough and a quantum leap. After 5 year break organisers succeeded in recovering the Rallye idea and prepared the 20th jubilee race. Recovered and ambitious team of organisers set up a very ambitious goal: to get this Rallye to the group of best races in Europe. It was the cooperation with Hungarian ASN and incorporation of the Rallye VSŽ Košice in the series of Hungarian Championship that contributed to the extension of drivers field and to the growth of the competitions quality. The competing cars introduced themselves to tens of thousands spectators on the routes in Košice vicinity. Also live transmissions of TV from attractive city „circuit“ special stages and permanently growing presence of domestic and foreign TV staffs and journalists contributed very much to the Rallye popularity. Slowly but steadily Rallye VSŽ Košice became an important event in the world of automotive sports. 

1997 - FIA decided to incorporate the Rallye VSŽ Košice in the series of the FIA European Championship with the coefficient of 2. 

1998 - The organisers prepared an extraordinary delicacy for the fans Košice event was counted in the FIA European Championship and Championships of additional three countries - Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. This was something unprecedented! Top drivers could be seen at the starting line, the drivers that are seldom visible at contests with the highest coefficients: Enrico Bertone, European champion together with manyfold champion of Slovakia Michal Koči, champions of the Czech Republic Dolák and Palivec, actual champions of Hungary Tóth - Gergely, present Hungarian #1 crew Kiss - Bukki, Slovak champions Bereš - Kurus and so on. And what about the cars? Just a bit of statistics would do. There were 85 cars at the starting line, 13 of them were of the strongest class A-8, four of them in WRC version. As many as 14 cars competed in the A-7 class including Škoda Octavia kit car, 17 vehicles were in the N-4 class. The Rallye could be savoured directly at the track by as many as 300 thousand viewers at places, or at the screens of the Slovak television. The record number of 98 journalists and 25 TV representatives were accredited. 

1999 - 2004 - Under the new name Rallye Košice already traditionally perfectly organised competition counted for the FIA European Championship, Championship of the Slovak Republic and Cup of the Slovak Republic. 

Achive of older seasons Rally Kosice 2005


Winners gallery of the Rally Kosice
1971Július Ivan – Ján MertiňákSK/SKAMK Poprad
1972Jiři Iman – Juraj OndrejčákSK/SKAMK Košice
1973Jaroslav Jurek – Vojtech BezecnýSK/SKAMK VSŽ Košice
1974Jozef Studenič – Vladimír JozefekSK/SKDukla Nitra
1975Ivan Pallag – Eugen JurkovičSK/SKAMK Stavba Košice
1976Ivan Pallag – Eugen JurkovičSK/SKAMK Stavba Košice
1977Jozef Schreiner – Milan SkyvaSK/SKAMK Calex Zl. Moravce
1978Pavol Podolaj - Peter RosivalSK/SKAMK Rallye Bratislava
1979Ján Hybáček – Pavol HrevušSK/SKAMK Bratislava IV.
1980Ivan Pallag – Eugen JurkovičSK/SKAMK Stavba Košice
1981Ladislav Horňák – Juraj HorňákSK/SKAMK VSŽ Košice
1982Pavel Valoušek – Karel JirátkoCZ/CZAgroteam JZD Slušovice
1983Daniel Turcsányi – DanielTurcsányi ml.SK/SKAMK Rally sport Sp. Nová Ves
1984Milan Filo – Ivan FiloSK/SKAMK Topolčany
1985Ján Rakottayi – Mikuláš PallaySK/SKAMK ČSAD Rožňava
1986Leoš Pavlík – Karel JirátkoCZ/CZAgrotea JZD Slušovice
1987Václav Blahna – Pavel SchovánekCZ/CZJZD AK Slušovice
1988Leoš Pavlík – Karel JirátkoCZ/CZJZD AK Slušovice
1989Pavel Sibera – Petr GrossCZ/CZAZNP Mladá Boleslav
1994Jozef Béreš – Michal KočiSK/SKStyllex Tunning Košice
1995Jozef Béreš – Michal KočiSK/SKStyllex Tunning Košice
1996Toth János ml. – Gergely FerencH/HAral Rallye team
1997Ranga Lásló – Buki ErnóH/HMOL Rallye team
1998Kiss Ferenc – Buki ErnóH/HMOL Rallye team
1999Stanislav Chovanec – Karel HoláňCZ/CZRallye team Matador
2000Michal Gargulák – Jiři MalčíkCZ/CZSlovnaft Rallye team
2001Jánusz Kulig – Emil HorniačekPL/SKAMK Mikona
2002Tibor Cserhalmi - Karol BodnárSK/SKMimex s.r.o.
2003Tibor Cserhalmi – Martin KrajňákSK/SKMimex- Charouz systém
2004Tibor Cserhalmi – Martin KrajňákSK/SKMimex Miva Motosport
2005Túri Tamás - Kerék IstvánH/HTP+2K Auto-Motorsport Kft
2006Grzegorz Grzyb - Robert HundlaPL/PLRUFA SPORT
2007Igor Drotár - Vladomír BánociSK/SKSlovakia rally System
2008Jozef Béreš jn - Róbert MillerSK/SKTempus Styllex Motorsport
2009Jozef Béreš jn - Róbert MillerSK/SKStyllex Motorsport
2010Béreš Jozef jn - Muller RóbertSK/SKStyllex Motorsport
2011Béreš Jozef jn - Muller RóbertSK/SKStyllex Motorsport
2012Kajetanowicz K - Baran JaroslawPOLLotos Dynamic Rally Team
2013Grzyb Grzegorz - Hundla RobertPOLRufa Sport
2014Norbert Herczig - Igor BacigálHU/HUŠkoda Rally Team Hungária