46th Rally Košice is cancelled


At the jubilee 50th year of our Autoclub existence, for the first time in its history we must announce that the competition which we have been working on for six months and is well prepared, must be canceled. We are canceling the competition which was to be included in the Polish Championships again after a multi-year break, for which we have been trying to do for a long time, a competition that has the great support of the city of Košice and SAMŠ.


The reasons for our difficult decision are on two levels:


First of all, despite the measures of the Public Health Office, the rally could theoretically take place, but in reality it is not possible. The rally would have to be without spectators, which is impossible to ensure on tens of kilometers of track, and in addition, the declared state of emergency caused the Košice ambulance to cancel the provision of ambulances despite the confirmed order. The connection on the special stages is endangered and we are gradually receiving information from people from our 250-member volunteer organization team that they cannot participate in the competition due to quarantine, bans from their employers or their health concerns.


Secondly, it is our belief that at a time when doctors, paramedics and other rescue services are fighting a pandemic, we will organize and hold an event where, in real terms, even if all prescribed measures are followed, the virus can spread among its 700 participants. It would therefore be unethical and civically irresponsible, at a time when the President, the government and other authorities are urging us to behave responsibly, to organize an event at risk of illness.


We believe that our difficult decision will be met with understanding, especially by the direct actors of the competition. We believe that we will be able to organize the 46th Rally Košice in the future.


Gabriela Szczeczinová

Chair of the Organizing Committee