The 47. Rally Košice continues with the second stage

After yesterday's introductory day of the competition, the 47. Rally Košice 2021 continues on the Leg 2 on Sunday (17.10.2021). A total of six measured special stages await the competitors.

In the Leg1, a total of seventy-seven competition crews crossed the imaginary starting ramp. The organizer has prepared two sections of the competition for them in the Leg2, in each of which they must pass three special stages, but they will also cover a total of more than one hundred and seventy kilometers. This number also includes sixty-six "sharp" kilometers, which they cover on the already mentioned six special stages.

In the Leg 1, yesterday's winners of the first stage, Marczyk and Gospodarczyk at the Škoda Fabia Rally2, woke up best this morning, winning two of the three special stages. The victory in one of the special stages was stolen for themselves by the crew of Chuchala and Rowadowski driving the same vehicle. Two third and one second place in absolute order belonged to Kaspeczyk and Syty on the Volkswagen Polo GTI, ie the crew that won the Slovak Rally Championship during the first stage.

And it is in the independently scored Leg2 of the Košice rally when looking at the Slovak Rally Championship 2021 that Kasperczyk and Syty are currently in the first place, just like yesterday. The second place after the first section of the Leg 2 belongs to the Hungarian competition crew Német - Tóth. The three fastest in the Slovak championship are currently closed by the Slovak-Czech crew Jaro Melichárek and Martin Tureček at the Škoda Fabia Rally2.

The Slovak Rally Cup also started during the Leg 2.  They plans to take a total of four special stages, which are divided into two sections. The total number of kilometers in the case of "cupists" will stop at forty-four, while forty sharp kilometers are also counted here.

After successfully completing the Leg 2 of today's stage of the 47th Rally Košice 2021, we expect the first competition crew on the finish ramp from 1:50 p.m.


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47. Rally Košice 2021
Miro Majláth