48. Garrett Rally Košice the traditional point of the Slovak championship

The demanding two-leg rally in Košice is already a traditional dot on the calendar of the Slovak Rally Championship. This year it will be held on the  October 21-23 and thanks to the support of the general advertising partner of Garrett Motion Slovakia s.r.o., it will be called the 48th Garrett Rally Košice. The event will take place under the auspices of Ing. Jaroslav Polaček, the mayor of the city of Košice, and the main advertising partners are the City of Košice and the Košice Football Arena.

After two Slovak, two Czech and one Polish competitions, the Slovak championship returns to its home soil, to the center of eastern Slovakia, where the Košice Auto Klub has been preparing the 48th edition of the Košice Rally for several months. This year, the competition will also be included in the FIA ​​Central European Zone Championship in the rally of modern and historic vehicles, the FIA ​​CEZ Regularity rally of historic cars Championship, the Slovak Rally Championship and the Slovak Historic Rally Championship, the Polish Rally Championship and the MOTUL Polish Historic Rally Championship, the Slovak Rally Cup, the Rally Legend and the Slovak Trophy in the rally regularity of historic cars. In addition, Regional Rally Cup crews can also participate in the event. Neither the Slovak nor the Polish championships have yet been decided on the absolute titles or the titles in the 2WD "two-wheeler" classification, so we can predict really interesting battles for every tenth of a second.

As for organizational changes for this year's competition, there won't be many of them. The location of the headquarters and the rally service, which will be located in the area of the Košice football arena at Pri Prachárni Street 6, have not changed. The premises of the Scrutineering takeover at the company Moris Slovakia at Alejová Street have also remained the same. In the preparatory phase of the competition, we have not yet been threatened by Covid 19, but it is assumed that there could be minor restrictions during the competition, which is why the competition is centered on one place as much as possible. The competition program is also similar to last year's, which traditionally starts on Thursday with the issuance of Road books, an optional administrative checks and a reconnaisance and continues on Friday with the same actions and also a Scrutineering.

The changes occurred on the rally route, when the organizers had to skip the traditional speed tests of Herļany and Bankov, which cannot be used due to the owners' disapproval, or the emergency state of the bridge. On the contrary, the permit was obtained for RS Izra, which could not be used in previous years. The total length of the track is 443.05 km, of which 125.5 km are two competition stages on 11 speed trials. The first leg will take place on Saturday, October 22. on special stage SS 1/3/5 Izra with a length of 10 km and SS 2/4 Bogota with a length of 18.65 km. The second Sunday leg consists of SS 6/8/10 Jahodná, 12.75 km long, and SS 7/9/11 Ružín, 6.65 km long.
The start of the competition is on Saturday from 1 pm and the finish on Sunday from 1:45 pm.

Even during the 48th Garrett Rally Košice, we recommend crews to use the Sportity application, which they download to their mobile phones and log in using the password RallyKosice2022. The application informs about newly added documents and is therefore an excellent helper during the entire competition.

Supplementary regulations as well as other documents will be gradually published on the official website of the organizer kosice.rallye.sk. Registration is scheduled to start on Monday 5/9/2022 and the deadline for applications with a reduced deposit is set for Thursday 6/10/2022 and the overall deadline for 9/10/2022.


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