After a year, Košice comes alive again with a rally competition

Long months of preparations, processing all kinds of permits, but also the preparation of the tracks and areas of the service parking lot or the headquarters have culminated, and the 48th Garrett Rally Košice 2022 is starting today.

The spaces of the service parking lot located in the vicinity of the Košice football arena began to gradually fill up. Seventy-eight entrants are awaiting an administrative check and technical Scrutineering, as well as a tour of the competition routes, on Friday and Saturday morning. Among them, we already know at this moment that we will not see the seven excused (Špavelko, Mutňanský, Pazderák, Ociepa, Zoltán Kovács, Burget and Konšel).

After these necessary actions, the 48. Garrett Rally Košice 2022 will start "sharply" at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday. During the first leg, which will take place on Saturday 22 October 2022, participants in the FIA CEZ, CEZH and CEZR series, as well as the Slovak and Polish rally championships, must complete a total of five special stages with a total length of 65.10 kilometers. These are three passes through the Izra special stages and two passes through the SS Bogota.

Competitors fighting in the SRP and RRP series are waiting for a shortened track with a pair of special tests and 25.35 sharp kilometers.

On Sunday, the 48. Garrett Rally Košice 2022 event will continue with the second leg, while the competing crews will present themselves to the spectators again on two separate sections. On Jahodna and Ružín, and in both cases there will be three crossings during the day. In the case of the FIA CEZ, CEZH, CEZR series, as well as the Slovak and Polish championships, a total of 59.40 kilometers of measured sections await competitors, and in the case of SRP and RRP it will be 39.60 kilometers.

Te finish of the competition is scheduled for Sunday from 1:45 p.m., while the finish ramp will be located in the premises of the Košice football arena. Here we will learn not only the name of the winner of the 48. Garrett Rally Košice 2022, but also the name of this year's absolute champion of Slovakia and Poland in the rally.

You can follow all current information as well as interim results on the website of the organizer Auto Klub Košice -

Miro Majláth