The bulletin no. 1 changes the route of the first stage of the Košice rally

Despite the fact that the Izra special stage has been used at the Rally Košice for more than thirty years, the administrators of this route changed their mind at the last minute and did not give their permission to use the road for this year.


Preparing, for our conditions a big competition as Rally Košice, is really very demanding and last-minute changes certainly do not contribute to that. And all the worse if these changes concern the competition route, which determines the entire competition schedule. However, the administrators of the road through which the Izra special stage passes decided that the track of the 47th Rally Košice will not go thru. In recent days, the organizers had to look for new possibilities and thanks to the fact that the planned repair of the road between Herľany and Banské has not yet begun, it is possible to use RS Herľany. It must be said that this solution is not ideal, as the connection with RS Bogota has been significantly extended and the length of the competition track has decreased.


With the change of the schedule, the time of arrival to the finish of the 1st stage changed and the schedule of the inspection of the tracks and the restrictions during the inspection also changed. We would like to put the possibility of connecting to electricity into the attention of competitors. All these changes, the adjusted timetable and information on energy are published in the Bulletin No.1. Along with this document, the overall map of the competition has been published, which you can find on the official website of the organizer


One week before the closing date for entries, 35 crews from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and one crew from Estonia and Lithuania are registered for the 47th Rally Košice. The Polish crews carry out their applications for the classification of the Polish Championship of current and historic cars within the PZM system.



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