Eight R5 vehicles at the start of the 43rd Rally Košice

 Forty crews we will be able to see at the 43rd Rally Košice, which is the final event of the Slovak Rally Championship 2017. The competition will be held next weekend 20-22 October and will decide on the Champions of Slovakia.

 This year's calendar of the Slovak Rally Championship is at its end, but we still do not know the names of the fastest ones. 43th Košice Rally will decide on them, organized by Košice Auto Club in the penultimate October weekend. The two-stage competition is included in the FIA ​​Central European Championship, the Slovak Rally Championship, the Historic Slovak Rally Championship, the Rally Legend and the Slovak Rally Cup. Even though Rallye is not included in any other foreign country championship, as it is usual, at start of the competition we will see crews from four countries.

 Starter numbers 1-3 will be carryed on the doors of the vehicles, for whose these positions also belong at the Slovak Rally Championship. With the 1 will try to defend their last year title of champions Pavel Valousek and Veronika Havelková on the Ford Fiesta R5. The technical failure did not allow them to finish the competition last year, so they will definitely believe in the better end of this year championship. With number 2  will try to chase them, respectively to defeat Martin Koci and Filip Schovánek on Škoda Fabia R5. And with number 3 will Grzegorz Grzyb and Jakub Wrobel start on Skoda Fabia R5.

 For the ninth time, the Hungarian driver András Hadik and his co-driver Krisztian Kertész will go on the Ford Fiesta R5 with the number 4. In the traditional blue colors of their Fiesta as well as the Hadik, the Czech crew Roman Odložilík - Martin Tureček will race. There will be another two similar cars Majerčák - Vejačková and Kukučka - Vejačka. With eighth R5 at the start we will see Igor Drotar and Tomas Plachy. The starting number 9 should be the crew of the champions Peter Gavlak - Emil Horniaček on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX. Richard Pravda with Ondrej Krajc and Tomas Konecny with Matus Lejko will also be able to fight for the title in this class. Surprisingly, to class 5 with the Renault Clio were signed Lapdavski's brothers. Their competitors will be Peter Haluška, but also Michaela Debnárová and a pair of drivers at Seat Leon- Juraj Keszi and Frantisek Fusko. All of these crews are fighting for the title in the championship they can still get in this class. For the title of champions of Slovakia in class 7 will come to race Martin Minařík with Zuzana Plšková on Honda Civic and in class 8 again Kamil and Erik Švec at Honda Civic Type R. The result is not even among the historic vehicles where for the championship title needs at least one day to finish Jozef Béreš sr. at his Ford Escort Cosworth.

 Predstaví sa aj jediná posádka rally školy a to Gabriel Tamás s Richardom Vojakovičom na Škode Fabia.

 In the Slovak rally cup, up to 11 crews will be presented. The first three crews in the competition are Tomas Polovka - Daniel Turcsányi (Seat Ibiza), Roland Pecuch - Viktória Dudášová (Lada 2107) and Igor Plichta - Martin Vojakovič (Citroen Saxo). As for the individual classes, Pecúch and Plichta are also to fight in the RP2 class, where the winner is not yet decided. Surely will try to fight with them Jakub Kolek and Veronika Kolivoskova on Citroen C2 or Rasťo Zvalo, Mário Gallovič or Marek Adami. And we do not have a winner even in the RP1 class, where Robert Revák, Noel Beluško and Mário Tóth will fight. Tomas Polovka is already a clear winner of the RP3 and his only rival in the Košice Rally will be Matej Krišand. The only crew of the Rally School is Gabriel Tamás and Richard Vojakovič on their Škoda Fabia.

 The Organizers published these days, in addition to the list of subscribers with starting numbers, the Regulations and the Technical Schedule. All these documents are available on the website kosice.rallye.sk.


Zdenka Frývaldská


Press Secretary 43rd Rally Košice