Hygienic measures for participants of the 47th Rally Košice

The districts of Košice and the surrounding  remained in the 2nd degree of danger for this week - in burgundy color, so the organizers of the 47th Rally Košice must ensure compliance with several hygienic measures for their event. A Hygiene Manual has been issued for the participants of the competition, which must be accepted and followed.


The Košice rally will take place in the OTP mode, which means that only persons completely vaccinated, tested or persons who have overcome Covid 19 no more than 180 days ago can take part in it. For domestic participants, they must demonstrate at least the antigen test not older than 48 hours. Foreign participants need a PCR test not older than 72 hours. All these measures apply not only to members of the competition teams, but also to the organizers, track commissioners, technical and sports commissioners, delegates, timekeepers and all other officials or media representatives.


The service car park will be divided into sectors, which can only consist of a predetermined number of participants. Only persons (OTP) listed in the list of participants who will receive a bracelet for entering the relevant sector upon entering the premises will be allowed to enter the competition premises. The organizers will check that there is no mixing of people from different sectors. A matter of course in the whole area is using protection masks for all people. The complete hygiene manual is part of the Bulletin No. 2, which are published on the official website of the organizer kosice.rallye.sk.


- Entry to Slovakia for foreign participants


As far as foreign competition teams and their members, they are exempted on the basis of the supporting opinion of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic on the basis of the current Decree of the ÚVZ SR territory of the SR. Entry to Slovakia must be proven by an invitation letter, a confirmation of vaccination or a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours and at the same time a confirmed registration on the eHranica portal.


As far as foreign media representatives, there is no exception for them. If they enter Slovakia and do not want to undergo mandatory quarantine, the only option is full vaccination. If not vaccinated, they must undergo quarantine in Slovakia, which they can complete with a negative result of a PCR test performed no earlier than on the 5th day of quarantine. When returning to your country, you need to check the entry conditions that apply to your country.


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