Invitation to a personal meeting with Slovak Champions in rally 2017


43. The Košice Rally is at the door and therefore we would like to invite all auto-moto enthusiasts to take part in the accompanying event, which is the autography of the drivers! It will take place just before the start of the competition on Friday, October 20, at 18:00 at Atrium Optima.


Fans will have the opportunity to meet the crews who are still in the game for the title of absolute champion of Slovakia in rally 2017. It is Czech crew Pavel Valoušek - Veronika Havelková from Icari Rally Team, mixed Slovak-Czech crew Martin Koči - Filip Schovánek representing rally team Styllex Motorsport and Polish crew Grzegorz Grzyb - Jakub Wróbel riding for Rufa Sport Žilina. These crews from the first rally of this season fight for every second in the competition and you will now be able to get a signature card from them! All of these drivers and co-drivers will surely like to answer your questions about the competition technique or the strategy for collecting master points.


These three crews will be complemented by the crew of Richard Pravda - Ondrej Krajča, who represents the Red Mravce rally team. In cooperation with this team we have prepared a competition too. Three of you who will correctly answer questions will be rewarded with the prizes awarded to you by the Red Mravce rally team. We cordially invite you on Friday, October 20 at 18:00. to Atrium Optima!



Auto club Košice