Preparations for the start of the 46th Rally Košice culminate

Three weeks before the start of the 46th Rally Košice, the organizers are still working hard on its preparation. They already have most of the permits in their hands and are still catching up with the necessary number of people or printed materials.


The 46th year of the Košice rally will take place on October 16-18th 2020. The two-stage rally should "save" the Slovak and Polish championships and ensure the announcement of the champions in this challenging shortened season. We already know that small changes will take place and that hygienic measures will be applyed due to the spreading disease of Covid 19. One of the measures is to cancel the ceremonial start in the city center in order to prevent the accumulation of spectators on one place. The starting podium will be located in the service parking lot and the crews will leave it directly to the start of the first special stage.

In the whole area of the competition - at the headquarters, scruitineering, in the service parking lot or on the special stages, it will be mandatory to wear masks, while it will also be necessary to observe two-meter spacings. There will be a limited number of people entering indoors. All measures will later be described in detail in several documets and in a separate press release.


So far, only nine crews have registered for the competition, but we firmly believe that with the decreasing number of days until the deadline for applications, this number will increase. The crews of the Polish championship register through their internal system. The deadline for applications with a reduced deposit is Monday, October 5, and the full deadline for applications for all is Thursday, October 8.


Zdenka Frývaldská
Press Secretary of the 46th Rally Košice