The results of the Slovak rally cup are unclear before Kosice


Same as Slovak Rally Championship competition teams, the Slovak rally cup crews have the last competition this season ahead. 44th Košice Rally will take place in three weeks, on 19-21. October, and the crews of the SRP complete it as a one-stage competition.


Two passes through the stages of Skáros and also Millik have the crews of the Slovak rally cup at the 44th Rally Košice. The total length of the race is 165.3 km, of which the four SSs are 35.8 km. As no class and no absolute winners are decided yet, the results of the Kosice competition will be very important.



The crews of the SRP have so far done four competitions held in Slovakia. In April the Rally Prešov, the Rallye Tatras in May, the Lubeník Rally in July and the DeutschMann Rallye Trebišov in September. The best has so far been crew Pavol Spišák - Štefan Spišák, who won two competitions, and if not having penalties from Trebišov, they would in ranking being at the first place. 1st are Tomas Polovka and Daniel Turcsányi who hold 94 points with stable results. The 2nd are the brothers Spišák with 71 points and the third Jakub Kolek with Mário Gallovič with 65 points followed by Rasťo Zvala with 63 points. In the five rallies, however, one worst result is cut, so the chance for absolute leadership still has four crews.

In individual clases it is the most reliable once again Polovka with Turcsányi in the RP3 class. Their lead on the second Straka is currently high enough not to start in Košice. For 2nd place will be fighting 9 crews. The most realistic are Milan Straka with Ján Mašlej or Matej Krišand with Lucija Krišandová. It all depends on who really kicks off at the Rally Košice.


In RP2 it looks very interesting. For the first place there can be up to five crews: Jakub Kolek with Mario Gallovič, Rasťo Zvalo with Petr Krišand, Marek Adami with Lukáš Gál and Balász Cseplo with Kristof Varga. We mentioned only four of them, because the Spišák brothers in Trebišov changed their class and apparently will not show in class 1.6, even if their point status would have asked for it.


Robo Revák s Matejom Zajacom a Lukáš Klust s Dávidom Bartkom je dvojica posádok, ktoré majú šancu vyhrať v triede RP1. Nebudeme hovoriť ktorá z nich má k tomu bližšie, pretože obe vedia prekvapiť.


Robo Revák with Matej Zajac and Lukáš Klust with Dávid Bartko are crews who have the chance to win in the RP1 class. We will not say which one is closer to it, because they both can surprise.


Zdenka Frývaldská

Press Secretary 44th Rally Košice