Spectator places at 48. Garrett Rally Košice

Special stage 1,3,5 Izra -10,00 km:
Scheduled SS starting times: 22.10.2022, Saturday at 13:45 , 16:45 and 18:07

This SS is known for Rally Košice, but it has not been used recently due to the disapproval of the administrator of the purpose-built forest road. The start of the speed stege is on a purpose-built forest road above the village of Slanec. The SS ends at the turn to Lake Izra, where the SS finish is also. Spectators are reminded that there is a strict ban on setting fires throughout SS.

Spectator's place 1: SS start above the village of Slanec. Arrival before the closing vehicle.
Parking is possible in the parking lot before entering the purpose-built forest road. Warning about the strict prohibition of standing on the main road before entering the purpose-built forest road.

Spectator's place 2: a long left turn with safe spectator seats on the slope.
Arrival from the village of Slanská Huta, through the area of the former agricultural cooperative and then on a purpose-built road. Parking on a purpose-built road.

Special stage
 2,4 Bogota - 18,65 km:
Scheduled SS starting times: 22.10.2022, Saturday at 14:20 and 17:20

A substantial part of the SS is carried out on a purpose-built forest road, only for the first 1.63 km the municipal road in the section Slančík - Regeta is used. On the SS in the part of the purpose-built forest road, in addition to the specified spectator places, spectators are prohibited from entering and setting fires is strictly prohibited.

Spectator's place 3: start in the center of the village of Slančík and after 300 m a retarder at the bus turn.
Access is possible on foot. Parking is possible in the village of Slančík on side municipal roads.

Spectator's place 4: at 1.63 km from the start, a sharp turn from the municipal road to the purpose-built forest road on Regeta. 250 m before the turn there is a nice horizon and a retarder.
Access and parking on the municipal road from Ruskovo to Regeta.

Spectator's place 5: at the place 12.77 km from the start of the RS, a sharp turn to the left with subsequent rapid turns in the descent.
Access is via a purpose-built road from the Dargovské heroes monument. Parking is possible in the parking lot near the monument (possibility of refreshments) and a 1.10 km walk or directly in the meadow when turning right.

Special stage 6, 8 and 10 Jahodná - 12,75 km:
Scheduled SS starting times: 23.10.2022, Sunday at 08:20, 09:35 and 12:12

It is a half-circuit special stage, where the circuit after the start has a length of 200 m. The start of the SS is at the parking place in Čermel, and the SS route continues in the direction of AlpInka along road II/547. At the Detská železnice station, the route turns left and returns to the start of SS using an underpass. This closes the circuit, which the crews complete twice. After the second exit, the SS continues along road II/547 in the direction of Alpinka and Jahodná until the SS destination at the turnoff to Hotel DAM in Košická Bela.

Spectator's place 6: RS start in the parking lot at the Baránok Restaurant. Good view of the exit towards Bankov as well as the underpass under the RS line. Nice and safe places above the RS track in the direction from the RS start to Bankov.
Spectator access by motor vehicles will be allowed from 07:00 only to the intersection of Čermeľská and Za stadionom streets. Therefore, it is possible to occupy the spectator seats before the SS route is closed, with the proviso that the vehicles must be parked outside the SS track. It is also possible to use the Children's Railway to move within the Baránok - Alpinka section.

-Spectator's place 7: crossing the track of the Children's Railway on Alpínka with a retarder. Arrival by car before 07:00 and parking in the Alpinka parking lots. Possibility of refreshments in Alpinka facilities.

Spectator's place 8: tire retarder on the turn to the Jahodná recreation facility. Parking on the municipal road in the direction of Jahodná, access via the purpose-built road from the villages of Vyšný Klátov and Jahodná.

Spectator's place 9: a quick descent before the SS finish line, which is at the turnoff to Hotel DAM. Parking is available in the parking lots in front of the hotel.
Access from the village of Košická Belá.

Special stage
 7, 9 and 11 Ružín, 6,65 km:
Scheduled SS starting times: 23.10.2022 Sunday at 08:48, 10:03 and 12:40

SS is known for its difficulty due to the number of turns on the narrow purpose-built road around the Ružín dam. RS is sometimes called the "Košice´Monte Carlo". The start of the SS is behind the bridge over the Ružín dam behind Košická Bela and the finish line is 1.10 km behind the dam wall of the Ružín dam on road III/3354. The SS is accessible only from the start or the finish line without the possibility of parking on the SS.

pectator's place 10: RS start.
Access to the SS is possible on foot from the start of the RS until 08:00. Parking at the start is possible in the parking lots in front of Penzión Sivec

Spectator's place  11: goal RS.
Access is possible before SS closes until 08:00. Parking is possible on the side of road III/3354 before the turn to the bridge over the Hornád river. Transfer on foot to destination SS 2.70 km.


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