Supplementary regulations of the 47th Rally Košice were published

Supplementary regulations are the most important and anticipated document at every event. The ones for the 47th Rally Košice have been published and bring a lot of important information.

The final event of the Slovak Rally Championship 2021 will be the Rally Košice, which will be held on 15-17. October 2021. In addition to the Slovak competitors, we will welcome also Polish competitors on the Košice routes, who will also close their Polish rally championship in eastern Slovakia. As the preparations continue in full swing, we believe that the coronavirus will not interrupt them and it will be possible to carry out the competition to the planned extent.

The competition crews should complete a route with a total length of 408.40 kilometers, of which 136 km form 11 special stages during two legs. The drivers of our "2nd league", resp. Slovak Rally Cup, where 6 special stages with a length of 66.40 km await. The rally schedule will introduce the competing pairs to well-known routes around town Košice. SS 1,3,5 Izra and SS 2,4 Bogota in the environment of Slanské vrchy are prepared for the first leg and SS 6, 9 Jahodná, SS 7, 10 Zlatník and RS 8, 11 Ružín are ready for the second leg.

The entire background of the competition will be located in the Košice Football Arena at 6 Pri prachárni Street and in its immediate vicinity. The rally headquarters will be located directly in the main building of the arena, service park and Parc fermé in the arena. At the same time, the ceremonial start of the competition and its goal connected with the award ceremony will take place in this area.

We would like to recommend the competitors to install the Sportity application on their mobile phones, which will act as an official information board. After entering the password RALLYKOSICE2021, the application will be active and the push notification will announce the publication of a new document, which everyone can easily open and read.

With the publication of the Supplementart Regulations, the organizer also launched the registration of competitors on the website. Participants in the Polish championship will register via the PZM website. The deadline for applications with a reduced entry fee is set at 1.10.2021 and with a normal deposit of 4.10.2021. Other documents will be gradually published on the website of the organizer


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