The winners of the 47. Rally Košice 2021 are Marczyk and Gospodarczykíťazmi 47. Rally Košice 2021 sa stali poliaci Marczyk a Gospodarczyk

The two-stage rally in Košice was won by the Polish crew Miko Marczyk and Szimon Gospodarczyk driving a Škoda Fabia Rally2 vehicle.

47. Rally Košice 2021 started as a two-stage rally included not only in the FIA zone of Central Europe of contemporary and historic vehicles, but also as the Slovak and Polish Rally Championships. It was organized by Autoklub Košice, which has been organizing rally competitions in the metropolis of eastern Slovakia for many years. The mentioned organizer prepared a two-stage competition in the current season, at the start of which eighty-three competition crews from five European countries took part. One hundred and twenty-nine measured kilometers were already included in this number, and these were divided into two stages and ten special stages.

In absolute order, the fastest Pole was Miko Marczyk during both competition days, who was navigated by Szimon Gospodarczyk in the Škoda Fabia Rally 2 . This pair took not only the full number of points within the FIA ​​CEZ series, but also to the Polish championships, while the Košice performance also secured them the second Polish championship title in a row. The second place in the absolute ranking belonged to other Poles, in this case it was the crew of Wojciech Chuchala - Sebastian Rozwadowski and the third to the brothers Lukasz and Tomasz Kotarba.

In the case of the Slovak Rally Championship 2021, the last round of the series was also won by the police Tomasz Kasperczyk and Damian Syty at the Volkswagen Polo GTI. Hungarians László Német and his co-driver Imre Tóth were looking forward to silver on the finish ramp at the Škoda Fabia Rally2. The three fastest in the Slovak championship in Košice belonged to the Slovak Jaroslav Melichárek and Moravan Martin Tureček in the same vehicle.

In the case of the Slovak Rally Cup, the Kysucký and Pečner crew enjoyed the victory for both days on a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IV. Second place was won by Kacvinský and Devoš on a Ford Fiesta. On Saturday, the third place belonged to Košč and Gallovič on a Peugeot 206 RC and on Sunday to Kecer and Ivan on a Ford Fiesta ST150.

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The 47. Rally Košice 2021 closed the season of the Slovak Rally Championship 2021. However, the fans of the rally competition do not have to be sad yet, as in a month they will start the event at the Slovakia Ring, which is only listed as free.


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47. Rally Košice 2021
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